About Us


The Building Trades

We are an affiliation of 19 local trade unions who work together with numerous local union contractors to build and work on construction projects.

Our Mission

To provide a connective point between Our unionized Trades, Our signatory Contractors and the buyers of construction services. To promote the good works the Unionized Trades does of its membership and the community as a whole.

Our Vision

The Building Trades works continually to build better communication between our members, our partners and the general public.

About the Building Trades

This study reveals that Ontario’s unionized ICI construction industry is 23% SAFER when compared to non-union contractors.

The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) participated with the OCS to study the Union Safety Effect in construction – to determine if (and to what degree) the unionized construction industry is safer than the non-union industry. The study examined worker compensation data from Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board for close to 45,000 construction firms and 1.5 million construction workers, reporting for the period from 2006 to 2012.

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Shutdowns, New projects, Short deadlines a reality in the construction world. That’s where the unionized trades has an advantage. By being able to pull from locals across the province our contractors are able to ramp up production when needed based on a phone call.

Each of our affiliated trades has its own training center and apprenticeship program standards.  These centers provide the highest standard of training available in the industry, making our member the best in the business. We work safer, that is a fact.

For more information on our training centers and how to start your career contact the local union you wish to join.

For more information on how the unionized trades work safer please review the OCS safety effect report available here 

Working in all Construction Sectors

Our Members are experts in each of their respective Trades.

Industrial 100%
Commercial 100%
Institutional 100%
Residential 100%